Same Day Loans

When businesses offer a same day payday loan in an instant, in a flash, or in minutes what reasonable timeframe can you expect? Exactly how quick is an instant or a flash? or how many minutes do they really mean?

Online payday loan websites have hugely simplified and shortened the time it takes to apply for a same day small cash loan. First time applicants must read and understand the relevant sections of the website in order to be sure a payday loan is right for them and to become familiar with the terms and conditions of the lender.

To make the most of a quick application process first-time borrowers must be sure they fulfil all of the criteria stated and provide all of the information requested. Much time can be wasted when information is missing from an application, or personal details have errors in them, such as an incorrect email address or bank account. The online application process is significantly shorter for returning customers applying for their second or subsequent payday loan.


Once approval for a same day payday loan has been given, it is a simple matter to have the cash transferred to a customer's bank account online providing their bank participates in same day banking. Same day payments can be processed on Monday to Friday during bank business hours. Most banks allow up to an hour for a same day transaction to be processed, however, in practice a same day payment can be fully processed in as little as 10 minutes.

In general, first-time borrowers should allow 1 to 2 hours from application to have the cash in their bank account, however, borrowers returning for their second or subsequent loan might only have to wait around 30 minutes after applying to have the money in their account.







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