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Why get a fast cash loan?

Sometimes, things just happen. Medical expenses, WOF requirements, unexpected car repairs, cash for school trips can leave you struggling to make ends meet. These are just some of the unexpected things that happen and leave you in tough financial straits even though you set a good budget. Situations like this are a dilemma – either don’t pay your bills and blow your credit rating or try to cut back on essentials. Usually you just have to spend on essentials and this means your credit score takes a hit.

When the unexpected happens, a fast cash loan from The Little Loan Shop can help.


Here’s how to get a Fast Cash Loan

Use the Loan Calculator and see how much a loan will cost you, Can you afford the repayments?

When you’re ready click the First Time Applicant Apply Now button.

Complete the online application form by filling in your details. This is the information we need to process your application. When you are entering your information, you will be asked to provide your bank account, photo ID details and contact information so be sure to have these ready. We don’t ask for your bank login details but we use the secure and confidential Credit Sense service to provide your bank statement.

It’s over to us once you have completed the online form. We assess your application, and, if successful Click Submit and you’re done. We process your application for a fast cash loan and send you a credit contract to sign

Once you have signed this document, the cash loan amount is transferred to your bank account.



Are you a returning client?

It’s even quicker to get a fast cash loan if you are already a customer. Simply login to our website under Client Login, enter the loan amount and repayment options, consent to the terms and the online version of the Credit Contract and submit. We take care of the rest and transfer the cash advance to your bank account if approved.

After 3 loans we can review your credit limit and increase up to $600, depending on your financial circumstances - just ask. We may need to see up to date bank statements to help our assessment and we will send a bank statement link if needed.


Customers satisfied

The Little Loan shop has helped thousands of New Zealanders over the years with emergency fast cash loans.  People say ‘Thanks very much. You are awesome’, ‘Your service is superb’, ‘Thanks a lot heaps u guys always help me I really appreciate you’. Comments such as these reinforce our friendly and helpful customer service.


Your personal records with us are confidential

We strive to make sure your records with The Little Loan Shop remain confidential. Rest assured, the information you gave us is secure and unless you ask us to, we don't contact your employer. One thing we do is run a credit check when you first apply for a fast cash loan with us. The Privacy Waiver and Consent page you consented to during your application gives us permission to provide some of your contact details to various credit bureaus so they can advise us of your credit score and any relevant credit history. They then keep a record of your information for others to view if another organisation does a credit check on you.


Loan costs

Let’s be perfectly clear how much it will cost to borrow from The Little Loan Shop. Fast cash loans, short term loans and payday loans are not cheap and should only be used from time to time. Don’t use as an ongoing source of credit. However, loans from The Little Loan Shop our fast cash loans are competitively priced if you compare to other payday or cash loan lenders. Our interest rate of 49.5% per year is fixed for the loan term. Every loan has an Establishment Fee ranging from $55.00 to $86.00. An optional Express Payment fee of $5.00 if a 60 minute Express Payment is requested. See Loan Costs for more information





Below are some useful resources detailing fast cash loans, when or when not to take one, how to apply and more. For further information, get in touch with our helpful Auckland based team on 0800 503 114.

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If you need to get quick cash, we offer reliable solutions. At The Little Loan Shop, you can apply for a loan to help you get the money that you need right away.…
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