Why The Little Loan Shop?



The Little Loan Shop is an established finance company offering small, short term loans for emergency cash shortages and payday loans. We lend up to $600 for up to 6 weeks. Our costs are amongst the lowest compared to other payday loan and cash loan providers in the country.


We are trusted and responsible lender and have helped thousands of kiwis get a fast cash loan just when they need it.


An application for a loan can be done online from anywhere in New Zealand. We have eliminated the need to scan or fax documents - even the credit Contract is digitally signed. We can still process our loans manually in a more traditional manner if required. The benefit of online processing is a cost saving which can be passed directly on to you!


We are fully transparent and have no hidden fees or costs, you can view interest rates and costs before application and you will of course be provided with a full breakdown of your loan upon application before entering into a contract. We advise using the Loan Calculator to work out how much a loan could cost before you apply - it's worth knowing and could save you time.


If you have had credit issues in the past, you may still be eligible loan. We believe everyone should be given a second chance and lend to lots of people who have had credit issues in the past. As long as you are in paid employment with more than 50% of your income as wages you will be considered. Simply apply and we will evaluate your current financial situation and whether loan repayments would be affordable - your past credit issues are only one consideration we take into account. Most importantly are the recent history of income and payments to and from your bank account. If you are currently bankrupt or under a SIO or No Asset Procedure we won't be able to help.


Our aim is to help people who need money in a hurry and we are set up, ready and waiting to process fast cash loans quickly and efficiently. Be sure to contact us during our normal business hours - Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm. Otherwise check our FAQ page or leave a message on our phone.


Lastly, you'll find we are friendly and approachable. Just reach out to us by email or phone if you need any help. Email or 0800 503 114