Privacy Waiver and Consent

Privacy Waiver and Consent - Acorn Finance 2012 Ltd.

Under our Privacy Policy, Acorn Finance 2012 Limited (“we” or “us”) require you to consent to our checking your personal identification and credit rating and to other matters referred to below.  You do not have to agree but if you do not, we will not consider your loan application further.

 Purposes.  The purposes of our obtaining, disclosing and holding information about you are the purposes of our continuously verifying your identity, our providing you with credit1, our advertising to you and our complying with our AML/CFT2 obligations. A further purpose is to enable credit reporters to provide their credit reporting service which may include their holding your personal information including your repayment history with us, and giving it to other people. Additionally, we may sell your personal contact details to certain parties who may use these details to contact you with offers that may be of interest to you. A final purpose is to enable us to possibly sell your loan to someone else or borrow against the security of your loan agreement.  Your agreement and authority for the collection, disclosure and holding of information by us or by anyone else are for those purposes only and not for any other purpose.

 The Credit Reporter(s) we currently use are Equifax (NZ) Limited, Private Bag 92156, Auckland Mail Centre Auckland 1142, Centrix Group Limited P.O. Box 62512 Green Lane Auckland 1546, and Dun & Bradstreet (New Zealand) Limited (

 In this privacy statement, the expression “credit reporter” means any credit reporter named and any other credit reporter we may use from time to time.  If you ask we will always advise you which credit reporter we are using from time to time.

 For the above purposes you agree that we may and you specifically authorise us from time to time to

a     obtain information about you (“your personal information”) from you and from a credit reporter and other people or organisations (“other sources”) and

b     provide your personal information to the credit reporter and other sources and

c     provide your repayment history to any credit reporter and store that information.

(Those other sources are the Personal Property Securities Registry, debt collection agencies, government agencies3, your solicitor and accountant, your past and present employers, other creditors and lenders, any guarantors and (in some circumstances) your neighbours, relatives or persons who live with you – anyone who may know your whereabouts or something about you related to the purposes above.

 For the above purposes you agree that and specifically authorise:

d     A credit reporter and other sources to give us your personal information

e     The credit reporter to hold that information on its systems and use it update their credit reporting database to provide its credit reporting service.  You authorise a credit reporter to compare personal information of yours that it holds in its records you with the personal information that you have provided to us and

f      The credit reporter to give your personal information and repayment history to customers of the credit reporter who use the credit reporter’s credit reporting service as permitted under the Credit Reporting Privacy Code. If you default in your payment obligations to us, information about that default may be given to the other sources and to the credit reporter and listed on the credit reporter’s database and the credit reporter may give information about your default to its other customers or to other credit reporters.

g     Any person to whom we may assign your loan will have the same rights and powers we do under this consent

i      Any creditor, lender or loan broker who may send offers of interest to you

 You promise that the information given us in applying for a loan is correct to your best knowledge, information and belief and that you are over the age of 18 years and that you are not an undischarged bankrupt or subject to the No Asset procedure.

 Please note that you are entitled to request access to, and (if required) correction of, any personal information we hold about you.


1 ”Providing you with credit” includes considering your application for a loan, granting and establishing the loan, administering the loan, selling the loan or borrowing against the security of your loan agreement and enforcing the loan agreement if you default.

2 “AML/CFT Act” means Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act 2009.

3. Government Agencies include (without limitation) the Insolvency Service as to your ability to incur debt, the Ministry of Justice as to your outstanding fines, Department of Internal Affairs for Passport check, and The NZ Transport Authority Driver Check.  Driver Check allows the user to access the following information about your driver licence:

• the licence classes you hold, e.g. a class 4 licence to drive heavy trucks

• the licence endorsements you hold, e.g. a D endorsement to carry dangerous goods

• the conditions on your licence, e.g. the requirement to wear correcting lenses when driving

• the status of your licence, e.g. current, expired, suspended, disqualified, revoked or reinstated

• and we reserve the right to re-recheck your license during the term of the loan.




Additionally, we may sell your personal contact details to certain parties who may use this information to contact you with offers that may be of interest to you.